Monday, March 23, 2009

blue ribbon morning

The best way to start a Monday, and thus the week, is by having fresh coffee, kookaburras on your veranda, that gentle autumnal sun and reading an article on the kinkiness of Leonard Cohen.

I'm working on a long long piece about The American Dream In Australia (with capitals) and another slightly shorter piece about The Death Of Social Interaction Due To Internet Dating (also with capitals) for my friend's 'zine. I'll probably post both on here sometime this week.

In between worrying about my Philosophy assignment (David Lewis over thought everything), laughing about my English essay (seriously, this is the 6th time i'll have written an essay on Death Be Not Proud) hating History (ugh ugh ugh) and loving International Relations (makes me feel like James Bond gone intelligent), things are awesomely busy.

I've also been asked about the whole "wearing skirts thing" so I'm trying to work out a way to profile some of my wardrobe without seeming narscisstic. Perhaps I'll give them all names and send them on little missions.

And I'm working on letters and postcards, which are lifelines. Postcards can make someones day, and if you haven't sent one for a while, or been sent one, what's stopping you?

(if there's no one to send you postcards, let me know and I'll fix that immediatley)


lizzle said...

What are you thinking of doing with your skirts?

Can I help?

elo said...

i've been trying to find that WE TELL OURSELVES STORIES IN ORDER TO LIVE book for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, geeze! bad libraries. BAD LIBRARIES. any good?

Anonymous said...

Please, oh please tell us where to get the brick-sized vegan muffins. I've got a hankerin'.