Sunday, April 5, 2009

does coffee count as a form of amphetamine?

there is currently so much caffeine in my bloodstream that sleep has been rescheduled as a possibility for 2010. i'd forgotten that university would mean writing shit. so with two assignments down, two to go, i'm reaching new heights of procrastination. i learned how to do cryptic crosswords, planned a twelve course banquet (that will never eventuate), figured out what i'm going to do with all my leftover felt, wondered why i had leftover felt, planned some presents for people who don't have birthdays for months, wrote some letters, sent some postcards, finished that weird Jose Saramago book, discovered One Sentence, got drunk, got hungover, got bruised and got petulant.

i did all that in under 48 hours. imagine what i'd be like if i didn't procrastinate.

apart from all that, i had awesome week. despite spending most of it hiding from a metaphysics paper. Wednesday Lizzle and I trotted off to The Forum to see our beloved Louis XIV and The Kills. we had dinner at Mohr Fish on their rickety high chairs before loading up on caffeinated drinks and getting the bus to Moore Park. when we were walking to the venue, two very tall bounded up to us and asked if we knew where The Forum was. my jaw dropped, because the two very tall men happened to be Dave Kuening and Mark Stoermer. the guitarist and bass player from The Killers. i managed to stammer out that yes, yes we knew where The Forum was, we're headed there. so they walked behind us and talked about bats. i'm still wishing i'd asked for a hug, because Dave looked particularly cuddly.

The Forum's a pretty awesome venue, except its beyond loud. the preshow DJ was awesome and despite seeing someone that i really didn't want to see, i was in a rare good mood. perhaps a little overly ranty for poor Lizzle, but she's a trooper. and when Louis XIV took the stage, wow.

Louis XIV are one of those bands that make you think being bad is a pretty damn good idea. their music is sort's that good kind of sleazy, dirty bathrooms and long island ice tea sleazy, not scary men on the paris metro sleazy. there's also a bit of 70's cockrock in their sound as well. they ooze coolness and i'm still a little confused as to why they're only playing support shows over here.

The Kills took the stage next, and while their music is phenomenal, their attitude is just a bit too "artschool" for me. i know, i know, i have no room to talk (i went to artschool for a semester by accident.) but there's something about them that makes me feel very self conscious. plus it was getting late, Lizzle had an early work start and i had early essay avoidance, so we exited gracefully, taxied back to central station and parted ways. it was a grand night. i even caught Lizzle dancing!!!

thursday was incomprehensible, as thursdays often are. friday i ventured across sydney harbour bridge to do a favour for my wicked step aunt and earn some money. somehow this culminated in me being drunker than i have in ages and announcing embarrassing things very loudly at the Shakespeare. again. truly brilliant night that involved skittles, The Beard, Lizzle and the Wicked Step Aunt, some of my mostfavouritest people.

and then on saturday i had a hangover and had to climb up a shitload of stairs because the power was out in sydney CBD. again.

there's a midterm break coming up!!!!! i'm going to be sewing with the Wicked Step Aunt, and i plan to photo log it. also i'm going to start posting "Skirt Adventures" which are really just exercises in vanity and writersblockbreakage. and i'll get to have a break from reading sodding Kissinger.

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lizzle said...

I'm back!!!
With a skirt and several wicked ideas for clothing projects. All I need is some practice t-shirts and floral fabric...