Tuesday, April 28, 2009

go ahead and do your worst then

ergh. urgh. blurgh.

cavemaddie noises galore.


Jarvis has captured the comfortable sofa, Betty smells like vinegar (because I'm using a vinegar spray to try and get her to stop barking) and Toya refuses to use the floor. And I'm so tired that today I told a bus driver that my name was Jeremy. I'm worried about everything - from whether Kevin Rudd is ever going to give me $900, to if I'm going to pass metaphysics, to whether I have canine flu. So I can't even begin to be worried about swine flu or Currawong. Just sod off until you have some good news and I have had a decent nights sleep. I keep dreaming that I'm having my ears licked by people I know, which is also worrying me.

On a positive note, its getting colder which means coats and tights and dresses and feeling chic. Listening to Scottish music, drinking tea and eating stodgy food. My birthday is in little over a month, and I'm planning a jazzy do. The wicked step aunt is coming over this weekend to make some cardigans and dresses and skirts - all prototypes for our upcoming etsy store, which should be open by the time I enter semester 2 of university.

only a few more weeks of metaphysics to go!

apologies for lameness of post. have to go and clean up puppy pee. again.


Eloise said...

i apologise in advance if i licked yours ears in your subconscious, that's never promising.

hang in there chookie!

Eloise said...