Monday, May 4, 2009

wishes are for fishes

it's my birthday in a month and four days...thus you should all be thinking about what sort of tribute you'll be paying me. i know times are tough, so i may have to forgo asking for the aston martin that i ask for every year. but because i'm busy procrastinating, i've put together a list of stuff that i would love to own. from the ridiculous to the realistic-ish.

A new album from Idlewild
A new album from Editors
A new album from The National
A new album from Voxtrot

Before the Ruin- an album by Roddy Woomble, John McCusker and Kris Drever. (am still kicking myself that I missed them in Edinburgh.)
Caroline Smith and The Goodnight Sleeps album
Riceboy Sleeps debut album (not out till July!)
Lost Channels by Great Lake Swimmers

Patterns! My current obsession is with the 1940s (blame Josef Kanon and IR), and the fashion is one of the best parts (Churchill's hilarity is another)

is one of many patterns that can be found in my Etsy Favourites. My Wicked Step Aunt was nice enough to let me buy a suit pattern on the weekend, the only problem I'm going to have is deciding what kind of fabric - I'm thinking a tweed would be quite nice.

And every 40's dame needs shoes to go with her outfits.
Another etsy find, from Scottieinacanoe

And to go with all that, I'm hoping Lizzle's mother will teach us how to crochet Cloche hats and envelope clutches!!!

Books! I am so looking forward to the holidays, when I won't have to read anymore Kissinger, Keylor. No more Toni Morrison or Hamlet!! But I would quite like a biography of Samuel Beckett, as well as his collected works. Same goes for e.e.cummings.

I should really go and do my history homework.

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reilly said...

Hey! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, please do stick around! :]

I've been all over 40's stuff lately, too. I've found a lot of nice patterns I want to buy but I'm still a sewing novice.

It looks like you'll have your suit with that pattern!