Thursday, May 14, 2009

literary value

(Apologies for absence of posting, I know you all worry when I don't appear to rant, shout, scream and glower. So here goes.)

I think my being may be made from dirty fish. Or lichen. It's difficult to tell. I dreamed that I attempted to turn in today's english essay but they kept telling me I'd copied Stephen Hawking. I put nutella on my porridge this morning by accident (I thought I was having toast) and golly, was it weird.

I'm finding it very very very bizarre, this whole being stressed by university thing. I think this is because I'm relatively sober this time around - more time is spent shouting at JSTOR (an online literary journal resource thingy) than shouting at the pub. Either I'm doing serious subjects this time that actually require work (pfft, metaphysics) or I've developed a sense of responsibility that has been sorely lacking.

Whatever, at least i'm done with Beloved, by Toni Morrison. I recognise the value of this book to the rewriting of American History, but it drove me barmy. I don't agree with the idea that literature should be difficult in order to be important. Several people have pointed out to me that all Nobel Literature Prize winners are unreadable. It's just snobbery, and I won't put up with it, thank you very much. Just because something is readable, enjoyable doesn't mean it has no literary value. I cite Mr Tolkien as my main influence.

Next on the cards - 14 pages of reading about imperialism in the 1800s, a seminar on Kissinger and an essay on the Middle East that will attempt to make sense as to why they keep blowing one another up. Then theres a history thesis submission followed by 2000 words of metaphysics gibbering followed by the extravaganza my birthday is going to be followed by exams and then it ALL STARTS AGAIN. nggh.

On the bright side, I got my suit pattern and am now hunting for fabric :) and trying to remember to direct debit the Wicked Step Aunt the money I owe her. I also ordered a dress pattern and a knitted hat!

oo! Knitting! this is very exciting! There's a blog called Grrl+Dog, which is wonderful, and she's doing this knitting project I'm involved in. I'm currently on the hunt for any spare/leftover/homeless bits of wool people might have? Let me know.

As for now, I'm off to a lecture on Hamlet by the delightful Prof Madelaine, who looks like a bumblebee.

ps I have left Jarvis, Toya and Betty and am now safely back home. The tinsel still hasn't left Betty's belly as far as I know.


WHEEZE said...

i don't think that mofo tinsel will ever leave her... but i'm glad that you escaped!

the book you leant me makes me feel exceptionally dumb! but i'm determined to read it. after i read alice in wonderland. win.

no more ear licking.

Chris Stokes said...

Sounds like grand porridge! Hope the knitting goes well!