Monday, April 13, 2009

vivid people have a lot of fun

Meet Nouveau Rachelle

She began life as a vogue pattern, a 150cm length of plaid cotton and a dreamy notion.

But now Rachelle prefers being called Chelle, with as bad a french accent as you can muster. Her favourite season is autumn, and she insists on silk stockings at all times, gloves if you can get them. To Chelle, monograms are a necessity. Science fiction is her favourite pursuit, but she'll turn her nose up at Star Trek. Currently Chelle is reading Bruce Sterling's "Holy Fire" and thinks it's rather clever. She plays chess with a vengeance, drinks soup without a spoon, scoffs at hair brushes. Her favourite bands are The Shout Out Louds and Buddy Holly. Chelle would like to grow up to be a collector of first edition books. Tonight she's going to see The Boat That Rocked.

Stay out of love until you're ready, stay out of it 'cause it scares you.
You'll still find your love outside the public library.


lizzle said...

She definitely needs a day out soon!

C.Darling said...


I am stealing it.