Sunday, March 8, 2009

toys are for twenty year olds

It's dark and raining. I was going to post this very long article/opinion thing on internet dating, the loss of touch, being nice to people and how much peril society is in, but my computer has gone apeshit and decided that the internet isn't an option. So I'm using my brand new toy - which is an Eee PC - the teacup poodle of computers. Tis smaller than a laptop but bigger than a blackberry. I feel rather Mi5esque, when I can get it to work. The rest of the time I just feel incompetent. I thought my father was buying it for himself, but it turns out its a 'yes, we're pleased you're going back to uni, but we'd like it if you did some work' present. I'm supposed to use it for lectures, library sessions, running a betting pool etc.

But I can almost guarantee that all I'll use this for is blogging from obscure locations. Like atop a mountain somewhere. Because why enjoy a moment when you can blog about it????

University tomorrow. The horrors of having a student card photo taken. Having to remember how to find my way around and avoid various people. The joys of philosophy and history. Goody.


Lizzle, Charlotte and I went to a Tattoo convention this morning. People with more than 3 tattoos are mean bastards, unless they're from New York or Berlin. I can say this because I have 3 tattoos and am a relatively nice person. (sort of) But seriously - having a flaming skull tattooed to your neck may make you 'hardcore' but that doesn't mean you have to be mean to me. I could have a flaming skull tattooed somewhere really painful, and you don't know what kind of bitchkrieg I could release on yo' ass.

Not that I do have a flaming skull. But still. Bitchkrieg. Be Warned.


Sarah said...

This is what happens when you have nothing better to do than click on random interests in your profile.

'Escapism' linked me to yours. Go figure.

I envy you for being surrounded by inked-up humans. People here aren't creative with their tattoos, unfortunately. Just tramp stamps and the usual 'MOM' across the bicep.

lizzle said...

Bitchkrieg is possibly the best thing I have heard all day.