Friday, March 13, 2009

what an anticlimax

yay. Friday. I still have a cold, and I'm exhausted, much like everyone else. Still, I have survived the first week of university. I was going to give you a playbyplay account, but you don't really want to hear about how I nearly reignited my War with a certain professor of english over Nancy Mitford, so I wrote some lists on my bus ride today. :)

Things About University That Are Awesome
1. Vegan Muffins - even though I have an overwhelming desire to be rude to vegans, I'll still eat their muffins. Which are roughly the size of my head and three dollars. And truly great.
2. UNSW is a hide out for celebrities! Sort of! Kurt Cobain is in my history class and eats weight watchers fruit bars cos his mum makes him! Sean Biggerstaff is in my English class and hysterically flamboyant! And me!
3. My International Relations Lecturer has an ACCENT. I think he's Italian, but he sounds Russian at times, which is a funny thing for someone lecturing extensively on the peacemaking processes of the 20th Century.
4. My Philosophy lecturer appears to genuinely believe in Drop Bears, and plays blues music while we're waiting for the lecture to start. His name is Michaelis Michael
5. The Socratic Society is back on!!!! This means beer and talking and debating and reading things I don't understand! And singing the Philosophers Song!
6. Overhearing this:
Male 1: "I think it's cos I'm a geek."
Male 2: "Nah, it's cos you're a virgin."
Male 1: "The two aren't exactly mutually exclusive"
7. Intellectual Stimulation. Um. I think.
8. Being the top geek in my English class
9. Listening to Preak Faeans and Clues (my two new music finds of win) as I wait for stuff. Totally hardcore intellectual indie snobbery.

Things About University That Are Not So Awesome
1. early mornings, which apparently have something to do with reality. I'm an Arts student, reality doesn't come into it.
2. Bus Queues, where the business students are mean and rude.
3. Bus Trips, where the business students are mean and rude and seem to think their textbooks deserve a seat more than I do.
4. My History tutor has no sense of humor
5. My Philosophy tutor has no sense of humor
6. My IR tutor has no sense of humor and thinks he's a motivational speaker
7. My English tutor has a sense of humor but likes John Donne and Aldous Huxley
8. My English class is in the Electrical Engineering Building
9. My Student ID Card photo looks like I'm trying to run away from the photographer.

Oh, and another thing that sucks? I keep running into people I went to school with. Most of them are in their final year. "I remember you being fairly good at procrastinating" said one. Hah.

It's Friday night, and I want some gin.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get the vegan muffins from? I haven't had one since the vegetarian shop closed....

Luke said...

also want to know where the vegan muffins are found.