Tuesday, February 17, 2009

when the pink sun drops, the eyelids fold

With twelve days to go until university starts, there is much rushing around and wringing of the wrists, debating as to whether or not World History will be interesting, what colour notebook should be used. And then in the midst of the storm, i realise that there's a big problem. my eyesight. Which started going crook somewhere in Birmingham (possibly in retaliation to the eyesore that Birmingham is) and has gotten steadily worse, leading me to say to some poor person in Berlin "my eyesight, she is not so good."

So I trotted to the optometrist and had an argument about whether today was Monday or Tuesday. I lost when I realised it was Tuesday, and felt like demanding to know who took my Monday. Then the invasive process of determining what was wrong with my eyes (they don't work right) began. And lasted about two hours because the doctor kept getting distracted by someone ringing about his washing machine. And also because I nearly broke one of the machines with my thick head.

Insurprisingly, it turns out I'm short sighted. But the fact that when I read books (which i do an awful lot because its easier than people) the words go all fuzzy means that I should probably be wearing glasses all the time. So then I had to try on a billion pairs of glasses. I looked balefully at a pair of Dame Edna ones (curse their $500 price tag) before settling on a pair of tortoise shell/leopard print geek wayfarer rip offs. In other words, I'm being like everyone else and buying glasses that everyone else has. Difference is, according to the optometrist, is that "you're the first one to actually suit them, Miss Barton!" he then went on to ask me if I was a BA student.

Yes, I'm a BA student. It's probably written all the way through my DNA. I'm enrolled, even. I'm taking English Lit Genres, Metaphysics and Epistemology, and International Relations. History or Media Studies might be added to the mix. I'm planning on American Studies for next semester.I don't know how to be any more studenty without moving to Glebe and renouncing all non lentil foodstuffs.

I'm not sure where i was going with this tangent. I'm slightly annoyed that I'm going to end up like my father, who's been in glasses since he was 20. look how he turned out - he's in Tanzania! but mostly I'm just killing time before Lizzle and i go to see MILK at the movies. although my viewing of it is going to be slightly fuzzy, I'm looking forward to it.

ALSO. Joan Didion's words are amazing and Union Of Knives are doing things with music that certain people could only have wet dreams about.

ALSO ALSO. i had a strange dream last night in which Roddy Woomble from Idlewild made me tea and scones. that was fairly awesome until he turned into a giant boot and chased me around Sherwood Forest.

ALSO ALSO ALSO. Lizzle had a dream that an ex-acquaintance of ours had Dinosaur Herpes. if there's anyone out there who knows what this is, or how to inflict it on someone, please please let us know :)

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