Wednesday, February 4, 2009

student, or foodstuff?

madeleine: i just feel that i'm not quite...good enough. not as a human, but as a..
father: as a blancmange?
madeleine: well. i was going to say equity, but blancmange makes sense. oh my god. i'm the blancmange that's been dropped and spat on before being served to the nastiest person in the restaurant!
father: you're a revenge blancmange!!
madeleine: and what are you?
father: a suspect christmas pudding that's been in the corner for a while!!!

and that's the story of how maddie got over herself (FINALLY!) and went back to unsw. except she can't get her old password to work, so she has to ring them and explain tomorrow morning.


everyone keeps making comments that make me feel like i should be considering last year a mistake. it wasn't. it was just a hilarious outtake to the reality that i'm supposed to be living in. you can't tell me that skinny dipping in a geothermal pool in iceland was a mistake. nor was drinking with emma in edinburgh or dancing like a nutter at we are scientists, or living on soup for three weeks. that's not a mistake. that's an experience. or something.

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Chris Stokes said...

Absolutely definitely not a mistake. People don't envy your mistakes, yet I envy everything you just wrote about. So they can't be mistakes.

Maybe people making those comments just envy your experiences, and come to terms with their envy by trying to make you feel like they were mistakes???

Or something...