Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and it starts

one thing i neglected to think about when i was busying angsting my way around europe last year was university. i chose to do this on purpose. now however, i find myself re-enrolled at dear old UNSW. i'm not overly thrilled. and i've run into a few hurdles.

1. i've been given an academic referral for the year 2008. possibly because i was in europe at the time and thus didn't appear in any classes. so i have to trudge to unsw and meet with an academic advisor so they can sign off on my classes and keep me on a short leash in order to up my GPA.
2. i need to remember which lecturers i hated and avoid them. all i can really remember is that Dr Walker was annoying and Dr Olbus was awesome. maybe my notes are around here somewhere.
3. i don't really wanna go.
4. every member of my family over 40 is repeating themselves when it comes to advice. i can practically sing along to the lecture my grandmother gives me.

i have a funny feeling that i'll be spending a lot less time in the pub than i did in 2007. i really just want to get this over with and go back to Berlin.

maybe i'll do german studies - if JFK could speak it, so can i.


edit: the academic advisors i'm supposed to see don't exist!!!! or maybe they've just moved on to bigger and better things than unsw. wouldn't be hard.

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