Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stuff like what serious bloggers do.

They've gone!

This morning at some ugly hour, when the sunlight was barely there and I was still in my pajamas, my mother father brother sister piled into a cab and began their trip to New Zealand. They're gone for twelve days. My mother insisted they pack their swimmers, which tells you a lot about her. So anyway, they've gone. Our pool is green and causing me some consternation, the dog has his own entourage of flies, and my grandmother and I have had a fight already.

Oh, and I've discovered the joy of reading the newspaper in bed.

I've also been busy being cultured. (like yogurt)

I went to see Franz Ferdinand, with my brother. There was dancing and many sparkles. They've still got amazing precision with their beats, Alex's singing is just as cutting as ever, and Bob is still the cutest bass player I've ever seen. There's a new sort of venom in their new songs, a superior nod to all the bands trying to copy them in their absence. I'm looking forward to the new album.

Two days after Franz, I went to see Tegan and Sara with my bestie Eloise. This was always going to be a weird one, cos Elo and I had never met in person before - just six years of long streaming emails and handwritten letters and drunken text messages. Fortunately we clicked like castanets the moment we met and spent the night dancing and wondering why there were so many grumpy lesbians there that night. I know T & S are a band that lesbians like, but I'm not sure why the crowd was so grumpy. Still, T&S were great, especially So Jealous, which just exploded. Support band An Horse are awesome also - proof that Brisbanites can make music.

And then on Sunday, Lizzle, my siblings Jeremy & Claudia, and myself trotted along to the Sydney Opera House to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) which is one of the cleverest pieces in theatre history. This production was a bit more blokey than the other two I've seen but still very very funny. Although I could have done without the Ro-emo bit - or someone could have warned me. Getting double teamed by MCR and PATD simultaneously is not fun.

Continuing with the Culturedness, I'm reading Leonard Cohen and Tom Robbins, I'm listening to She & Him and Nicholas Jaar. All these are Very Good Things.

I'm also trying to put together a mexican food night for friday. Refried Beans!

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