Sunday, January 4, 2009

like castanets

i'd like to convince you all that i'm not a curmudgeon, or some sort of angsty poet wannabe who sits in a basement all day. so i did one of the things i'm best at. a list.

Things That Are Rather Nice

  1. Listening to the cricket commentary on ABC Radio - even if there's no real competition and Hayden really should retire.
  2. Buying CDs that come with lyric booklets - this makes me inexplicably happy. I bought Bishop Allen & The Broken String and Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago" today, and both cd's come with lyrics, Bishop Allen's being rendered in a beautiful storybook manner.
  3. Listening to said CDs - Bishop Allen are the perfect Sydney summer soundtrack (and if you're not in Sydney and it's not summer, its probably very good at helping you feel a bit warmer) and BonIver is currently a BIG THING, so go look at some serious blog to find out about him. Personally I just think he's lovely and the music is so quietly brilliant.
  4. Bushwalking - although I'd like it more if we didn't have to get up early to get to Moss Vale. Still, the Australian bush is picturesque and quiet and remarkable. Also look out for Birdwatching Ninjas (like my dad)
  5. Wasting hours on ETSY - the clothes on here are really very nice, but it's the Geekery and Houseware sections that keep me entertained for hours on end.
  6. Reading Evelyn Waugh - Vile Bodies is one of my favourite novels, and the movie version of it (Bright Young Things) is rather spiffy too. Waugh's sense of humour is wicked.
  7. Drinking Tea - my grandmother (who lives in my house. woe.) insists that I have more tea than I know what to do with. But I know precisely what to do with it! Drink it! There are few things more relaxing than Tea in the cup, Cricket on the telly/radio, Crossword in the hand and the knowledge that your plan to drive your grandmother nuts is working. Try taylors of Harrogates Spiced Christmas Tea - its what Christmas smelt like as a child.
All this niceness is probably bad for me.

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