Saturday, January 17, 2009

most of my friends smell weird

when it gets too hot to sit outside, watching the pool turn green, we move inside to watch the cricket together, both irritated by tony greig, lulled to sleep by richie benaud. a wicket causes us to jolt upright, you indignantly so. movement causes a cloud of dust from your ears, bath time imminent (despite the last one being on friday morning). the loyalty in your mutter i wonder how i got so lucky, with your nose against my knee and magnetic fields on the stereo, cold beer in the fridge. makes the knowledge that tomorrow i have to get up at 6am to go to the gym a little easier.
this is spike, my airedale terrier. he's become oddly affectionate over the last few days, which is problematic because he smells bad. headbutting and catlike rubbing are his choice methods of displaying affection - he's not a licky dog. sometimes he does bizarre things, like get plastic pot plants stuck on his nose. when he was a puppy, he ate a plastic wagon over three months. he's scared of new years eve and doesn't like our kitchen floor because he slides on it. his eyebrows are really long. and he's currently lying on the grass outside my window barking at neutrinos, which he finds inherently annoying.

(also, it looks like i have a bald spot. this is my red hair growing back, i swear.)
(also, i never really realised how big he is - even though im sitting down and he's the runt, he's still a big 'un)


today i found a dead bird in the skimmer box of our pool. libby, who was in the pool at the time, went green, shouted something about murder and bolted. later my neighbour maria, asked me if everything was ok. maria lives across the street from us. libby is loud.

and mean. she's making me go to the gym tomorrow morning.


im running out of things to read - there's an e.e. cummings bio that looks interesting, but does anyone have any other ideas?

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