Monday, September 15, 2008

pretty in a panic

It has come to the attention of my poor poor poor travelling companion, MW that I am
a) mad
b) bonkers and
c) possibly Samwise Gamgee, because my reaction to realising that i will be in Iceland in 48 hours was similar (read: identical) to Sam realising he was going to get to see the elves;

'Me, go and see the elves and all! Hooray!' he shouted, and then burst into tears
(direct quote from Fellowship Of The Ring)

In order to deal with that, have some photos. They are in no particular order, and I'm not sure where i took them. I take bad tourist photos. Mostly it's just shit that makes me giggle.

1) Dinosaurs are not wankers. People who don't write poignant-messages-inspired-by-John Lennon on the Berlin Wall are clearly wankers. (as are people who don't understand my humour. ie the Belgish)

2) Signpost in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin which is where we went to see some bizarre Polish movie in a bookshop. We did have a drink that night. I had a rather large bottle of Czech beer. MW had white wine in a tumbler. The bookshop owner kept watch for the police, and the movie was deep.
3) Don't know if anyone else knows that, but there are Vienna. You have to be careful.
4) The Ferris Wheel in Vienna. That I went on! And I got a compartment all to myself! And it was most circular.
5) Swiss Chocolate. It didn't taste that fantastic, but it was irresistable. Somewhere someone is still laughing about the genius marketing ploy of calling chocolate "Tourist"

(I promise I'll write up my adventure "Europe Experiences Madeleine" tomorrow night when I'm trying to cope with the Iceland thing.)


elizabeth said...

Beware the tiptoeing meese!

Jeza said...

a moose once bit my sister

blanket said...

"Dinosaurs are not wankers."


That made me laugh at lot.
I've been neglecting your blog and when I get the chance I'm going to go and influx you with comments.

I love you.