Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The internet here is a bit weird - the smallest amount you can have is 45 minutes for one euro. so that means that after you've done whatever you were supposed to do (email the next hostel, check your bank balance) you really have nothing to do except catch up on Questionable Content Comics.
(by the way, where the hell is my Sven??)

So today in Vienna I have to go out and do stuff, which is cool, I guess. Or I could be like the ninety thousand other bogan Australians in this hostel and sleep all day, then drink all night and tell shitty stories. Seriously. I don't really see the point in doing that, so I'm rereading Lord Of The Rings and plotting my next moves. Feeling very antisocial.

Yesterday I went to Cafe Sacher (by accident) and had Sachertorte. Then I got the tram to the Belvedere and marvelled at the Klimts and the Surrealists. The classical paintings are a giggle also, lots of very serious Viennese people trying to look nonchalant.

I think I'm beginning to get a bit travel weary, which lot of you will scoff at. Which is why I'm looking forward to getting out of cities and into the wildness of Iceland. It's going to be so very awesome.


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Iceland! I am green with green jealousy.