Sunday, September 7, 2008


Berlin is pretty fantastic, except I just broke the backspace key and am terrified that the german guy will go nuts at me and shout. Germans shouting is a bit scary. Had a fantasticly painful train ride from Vienna, with an Austrian hippy trying to encourage me to join his commune, and then a German man and his German dog both snoring from Lintz to Berlin, which is about 900 miles. I arrived in a bit of a state. I'm always in a bit of a state though, so that's ok.

But I really really like Berlin. I think its the history but it's also the sense of moving forward and developing.

fuck. i just broke one of the arrow keyz. clearly germans know nothing about building keyboards.

I have been to the Brandenburg Gate and accidentally done a walking tour which was really very interesting (and it says alot about communism that the fall of the wall happened because of a bodgy press conference). I braved the UBahn and went to Franfurter Tor to find a bookshop called East Of Eden where I sold some books, bought some books, had some green tea and a chat about the total awesomeness of Sons & Daughters (saw them at Pukkelpop, promise I'll write it up soon!!) This morning We, (American Girl, Jess, The Parisienne Georges and I) went to the Pergamon Museum, and I freaked out about how big and awe inspiring it all was. She thinks I'm a bit weird. But Georges thinks I'm amusing. And apparently the hight difference between us is rather funny.

I'm hoping to get to a few more musuems and art galleries while I'm here, but I've just found out that Jonquil are playing on the 11th, so I'm going to that and then on the 12th there's an Icelandinc guy called Siggi playing, so I want to go to that...and then i have to drag myself back to London, pick up my woolies and drag myself to Iceland

gosh, life is hard!

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