Monday, September 15, 2008

but wait, there's more!

In order to convince friends family and variouspeoplethataretryingtokillme that I am still alive (ha! ha!), MW has donated a bunch of photos that she's taken of me. They don't really paint a pretty portrait of me as an individual, but at least, in my heart, I know that I smell better than all of Brussels. Oh, and I'm better looking than Pete Wentz. And more creative with my poses.

I'm waiting for the photos to upload, which is taking millenia. And I'm worrying about the fact that my sleeping bag and warm clothes are in Hazel's attic, which I can't open. I'm not going to Iceland in my shorts. MW and I went to buy coats today. Primark is a scary scary scary place, so we bolted out of there. We feel more at home in Topshop, but I like to think that secretly, secretly I want to knit all my clothes out of toothfloss and therefore never have to go into a shop again. Ever.

....Anyone want to teach me how to knit????

We had pie! With sausage! And MW made a mess. But that's alright, because I am a mess. Sort of like a hurricane that doesn't know where it wants to go, only it knows that it wants to go. Somewhere. It just doesn't know where.


We're having CAPSICUM for dinner tonight!!!!

ooh, look. photos.

1) Me having a temper tantrum in Cardiff, back in early August because "We have nowhere to stay in Brussels! Nowhere! Everything is bad!" ....then when we got to Brussels...well. I'll get to that later.

2) Me at Pukkelpop, day 2. After consuming the WORLD'S BEST PIZZA, we then had the WORLD'S BEST WATERMELON. However, the problem with the watermelon, and most of the food I had in Europe, was that MW had to leave me alone with it, as I was whispering sweet nothings into the ears of crepes and such.

3) Are we not all, in some way, the Rhino? - Me being 'deep' in the Pompidou, Paris.

4) Me waiting to meet a man to give him a half completed crossword, which would help him get in contact with an underground organisation which would meet him at midnight and get him safe transit out of Berlin.....the rabbit thing is an accident. truly.

5) Me having a bad morning in Berlin, and deciding to move under the bed and never come out.

um. yes. hurrah!

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maddy said...

conversation went thusly, MW: you are sam: 'Me, go and see the elves and all! Hooray!' he shouted, and then burst into tears
MB:...well, you're bilbo!
MW: how so?
MB: the writing and the twitching! and the thieving of the ring! you will have to help me remove immigrants to get to sleeping bag. PS am now worried i have to be in love with frodo. his hips, she is not so good
MB: "right" said sam, i does ask. and if that isnt nice enough, i begs." YOU HAVE GIVEN ME ANOTHER COMPLEX. nggh. and on the next page sam declares love for frodo