Tuesday, June 17, 2008

this great ghostly garden

meant to put this photo up earlier. this is one of the best things i've seen in london so far - in Queens House, which is part of the Tower Of London and is the Governor's home. i'm not sure how well you  can see it, but its washing. in the Tower of London. it probably says something rather unflattering about me that i took photos of this rather than of the scaffold sculpture. i would have liked a better picture (theres a pair of red knickers just out of the shot) but alas i was too short to get anything better than this. 

i spent the day at the British Museum yesterday. i think i'll need to go back when i come back in london at the end of august. it's massive and busy and fantastic. highlight was hearing a bunch of Greek tourists complaining about the Pantheon. the Rosetta Stone is smaller than you think. Ramses II was clearly a tad self-obsessed. and oh, the clocks! i wanted to take the boat clock home with me! it was so very awesome and intricate and who cares if the actual clock part was only about the size of an orange, this is a gold boat clock! it had cannons! and figurines! i wish it still worked. or maybe not. i might have been arrested trying to smuggle it out (is that a boat clock in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?). Other highlights of the day included nearly knocking some school children off the staircase and i don't know. everything. will have to go back to see the Hadrian exhibit when it opens.

i had a haircut today. i'm fairly sure that I've got a cold - clogged sinuses and head feels like a brick wrapped in cotton wool being bashed on a chalkboard. also my throats all scratchy. feel like i should be out doing something, but considering i'm going out tonight (to see Orphans & Vandals! yes!) and then out again tomorrow night (family!) and then i'm in Stoke-Mandeville thursday night (more family!) and then on a plane at a very early hour on saturday morning (Amsterdam! grandparentals!) i feel quite justified in curling up and reading for a bit. might go for a walk on Hampstead Heath this afternoon. its grey again and i wish the weather would make up its mind. 


LiZ said...


The weather here has made up its mind to be horrible at every opportunity.

You can go to a doctor for free in England! Take advantage of it if you need to!
Get better and keep enjoying yourself!

Wheeze said...


yes, i just said owns, as you are not here to prevent me slipping into mainstream vernacular so its happening uber fast and like um fo shizzle and whatnot.


i'm going to go and see THE HAPPENING after tafe this afternoon! because zooey deschanel is in it. no idea what its about.

keep posing! .. i mean. POSTING. i had to leave that typo. it was just too funny.