Monday, December 15, 2008

shouty bits in songs are awesome. ikea not so much.

gosh. looks like i'll be back at university next year. unless i enter a reality teev show.


jason's been emailing me words every day because i told him that i can't write 'creatively' at the moment. tomorrows challenge apparently involves an album, but i thought i'd put todays up here because. well, because i can. and because it makes me smile, a little. (mostly though im tired from ikea)

summer. basslines, poetry and pimms. pretentiousness without blinking. tripping all the way through the sunrise. brandon flowers mustache. my dog trying to recieve alien transmissions with all four legs in the air. cotton dresses and the stupidity of shoes. the hollow lie of christmas and the promise of fireworks constrained by champagne bottle. the distant memory of the winter chill in bloodshot eyeballs over the wooden tables in the Shakespeare. five o'clock on sunday afternoons where we don't have to tell the bartender our orders anymore, and when we stumble out five hours later, monday morning eons away, he wishes us goodnight and says he'll see us next week.

and because it's summer, it doesn't matter that we're going nowhere.

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