Friday, December 12, 2008

acceptable at the time

it's been raining all day. i could almost believe i was back in Reykjavik were it not for my dog snuffling and grumbling about like a furry steam engine. somethings never change. it's nice that Spike's love is one of them. it sucks that Sydney is still in much the same state as i left it, over six months ago. although they've turned Pitt Street Mall into a building pit covered in tinsel. which brings me to one of my least favourite things in the world. christmas.

the christmas count down is on, and we're clearly all on edge. i'm moments away from buy ing a crate of alcohol (pimms or champange or both) to keep me in a tolerably pickled state until this wretched season is over (so, march or something like that). i am not a jolly christmas person. i am like Morrissey during the Christmas period - i scowl at everyone and accuse them of clubbing seals. there's just something about Christmas that annoys me. i think its all the carols. and bloody Bjorn Again, who seem to be a fixture for this time of year. errch.

so obviously travel didn't change me. much. it made me slightly wary of Belgium, and poor Danni thinks that i'm an arsonist waiting to happen. but other than that i'm still grumpy and disillusioned with humanity and hamburgers. i live in hope, but i am yet to meet a hamburger that i like.

maybe i should get a kitten. that might make me a nicer person.

or if i got a job. that'd be all kinds of wonderful. a job, some sort of staying power that enabled me to finally finish my cursed uni degree and um. wings. wings would be pretty awesome.

oh, and for my writers block to finally go away, because it's such a cliche.

(im really really embarrassed to admit that i really really like mark ronsons music)

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