Sunday, December 14, 2008


mobody tell my grandmother, but.....

i don't have red hair anymore!!!!!

and i bet you someone will try and have me disqualified from being a madeleine because of it

photos when i recover from a night of debauchery, pimms and bingo at the shakespeare.

also, also: i have nearly finished writing about Pukkelpop. almost 4 months after the event. my bad.

go and listen to (We Are Performance) and try and forgive me for William Beckett. it's not my fault i have a thing for stringbeanboys.


gillybee said...

Thank God you warned me. I might have died of shock! You didnt say what colour you now have. Green?

Chris Stokes said...

I think I have a headache brought on from the brightness of William Beckett's blog. I don't blame you though :) Thank you for your sound advice too