Friday, August 8, 2008

is this how adults feel, all the time???

"Maddie, are you sure that was entirely legal?"

Dear All.

I have been in the TARDIS.

teehee. Legally speaking, it may have been a bit of an infringement of copyright or something to stand in the TARDIS and eat jellybabies. But someone has to, and that someone may as well be me.

At the Earls Court Doctor Who Exhibit, the TARDIS is actually in two bits, one you're allowed in, and one you aren't. I went in both because the security guard could see that I was about to wet myself if I couldn't pop inside the blue police box for five seconds. Wish I'd remembered my camera. After that, I went into the 'allowed' TARDIS - a greenscreen that lets you see yourself inside the set that's used. I was accosted by a small child pretending to be a Dalek when I did this, so of course my response was to offer them a jellybaby and search for my sonic screwdriver.

And then then then they direct you into this little room with three Daleks, one of which screams ELEVATE ELEVATE and then actually ELEVATES!!!!!!!!!! Then I met K-9 (complete with tartan collar) and the Ood, and the Pilot Fish and oh my.

You can scoff all you like, but Doctor Who makes me genuinely happy. Its a childlike thing, plus the problem solving and the intricacy in the plots that you don't recognise until the last second. Flipping brilliant.
And there are jellybabies.


Things That Happened In Cardiff Apart From Doctor Who.

1. A Conversation between two tired girls about somewhere in Spain
Maddie: I was thinking I'd quite like to go to Valencia. Stand in the town square and sing The Decemberists Song
Maddy: Me too. But then I thought, what do I know about Valencia? I know about the song, and the oranges. There's probably not a lot else there. I'll go to Barcelona instead.
{Long Pause}
Maddie: (sotto voice) ..... I like oranges.
{hysterical laughter for about 20 min. welsh people looking for the joke}
Maddy: I think this is how adults feel. All the time.
Maddie: .......That's it then. I'm going to be three forever.

2. The Dyeing of the Hair
It came to my attention in Manchester that the colour of my hair was gross. So by the time I got to Cardiff, I was determined to do something about it. So we dyed my hair at about 11pm at night, much to the amusement of the New Zealand Girl Whose Name I Never Knew. She took photos. These photos are apparently on her Facebook. The hostel bathroom went blood red, like in Psycho, and my hair is now a much nicer shade of auburn.

3. The Drinking Of Cider.
.....I don't really remember much beyond Caerwyn (the incomprehensible Welsh girl) saying "you've never had Cider? quick, to the pub!". I'm not even sure she said that really. Still, cider is quite nice.

4. The Raining of Rain.
Speaks for itself.


So now I'm back in London. Not staying with Hazel, instead around the corner from Regents Park in a small single room that just screams "write a novel here! write a novel! wear a silk slip and write a novel!" I own a cotton slip and am reading a novel because I haven't got the energy to do anything else. Going to see the Hadrian Exhibit tomorrow. Saturday Maddy and I have to practise putting up the bloody tent. I have named the tent Beatrice. Long story that involves cider.

I'm reading "The Golden Notebook" by Doris Lessing, against my better judgement, but its not half bad. So far. Also just finished The Book Thief, which was the best book I've ever read about World War Two.

In terms of the music, I'm psyching myself up for Pukkelpop with lots of Editors, Sigur Ros, We Are Scientists and The National. I'm starting to get ready for new music, so if you've any suggestions, let me know.

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Clog said...


Sounds like fun. major fun.

New music?

See if you can get your hands on
-'The Geeks Were Right [Does it offend you, yeah? Remix]' by The Faint.
- "You got the style" - Athlete (hilariousness to a 't')
- Midway Souvenirs - White Light Riot.

So, yeah. if you can't find them, maybe i cna email them?

I don't know.

Hope you are well, and safe and getting kidnapped by Dr Who, to go on a whirlwind adventure.

lots and lots of love.