Saturday, August 23, 2008

for reasons unknown

i need to blog about Pukkelpop and Paris. but.

Brandon Flowers has shaved off his Magic Moustache.

this is a style tragedy.


im going to write about Pukkelpop when i'm back in London, so for now i'll just mention that i'm still sick with Martian Death Flu but loving Paris. went to the Lourve tonight and saw Mona - not as busy as i thought it would be. the Venus de Milo isn't very feminine and all the paintings of Frenchmen are very camp. have decided to claim Paris as my city - especially my church, my street, my train station and my cake. everyone finds my name hysterical. i have had nutella and banana crepes, made friends with dogs and small children, been rained on, walked all around the city, been to the Catacombs, the Musee d'Orsay. going to Versaille on Sunday, which i am very much looking forward to. Berlin has been put on hold - my little brain cannot handle it, long story which will bore y'all. going to Luasanne for two nights, most excited. it is grey and tres artistic in Paris, but i am craving sunshine. seeing my Farter in a few days, suspect he's not that enthused.

what a boring blog. i have all these things i want to say, but i am le tired.

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LiZ said...



i've been terrible lately and haven't managed to wend my way to a poast office yet to send you that magazine! in other news, i would LOVE those pance if they still arent fitting, and i wore my new wombats shirt (bday present from janaya) for the first time on wednesday and looked heartbreakingly indie (lol)

I'm so very glad you're enjoying paris, and you're making me wish I could go too!

MWatts has me on facebook and there's photos of pukkelpop and umbrellas, so I know you're alive, which is rather reassuring I must say.

many many many suffocating hugs and wishes of together drinkingness!