Saturday, July 19, 2008

wet wet wet // take two

all these photos are out of order and jumbled because i take after my mother when it comes to computer literacy. and because i didnt want to use up hazels bandwidth, i spent ages resizing them and they still do the weird thing where if you click on them they get bigger. 
i don't know, ok? computers are a mystery. 

1. The Giant Fork I Walked Into At Sudeley Castle
Part of the castle's sculptures with no identification range. I wasn't paying attention and walked into it.

2. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair
Her hair has sparkles. 'Nuff said. I really wish Sudeley Castle Admin had seen fit to put some sort of identification somewhere. I spent ages looking.

3. Stairway To Heaven?
I think this ones my favourite, because. because it's a nice juxtaposition of nature and man-made and because it goes nowhere, but everywhere. It's almost pretentious, but its really quite cheeky. I think so, anyway. The little sign you can see says "don't touch the exhibit." (cos the nameless artist may appear from the maze and maul you)

4. Macmillan Way, Bourton On The Water.
I did an eight mile walk from B-ot-W to Upper Slaughter to Lower Slaughter to B-ot-W again. This was on my one sunny Cotswolds day, and was lovely. If we ignore the three times I got lost, the incident where I got stung/bitten by something that caused my left knee to double in size and coming face to face with a big big big big cow. Actually, those were part of the things that made it great. English countryside is so pretty. Just after this part of the walk, I went past a Manor that my father apparently stayed in, although how he managed to convince them to let him in, I'll never know. If I'm even in position to retire to the countryside, it'll be in the Cotswolds. Along with everyone else in the world, I'm sure.

5. Patisserie, Luxembourg
Funnily enough, there were a whole bunch of skinny jeaned, be-hoodied, scowling emo kids in this shop. The croissants and brioche were brilliant (and cheap) but the coffee was enough to make you want to listen to Morrissey.

6. Street that my folks and I used to live in
You can't see the photo of me in front of the house until I've touched it up with photoshop for a bit. Typical of my parents to live in a street with a Roman name. Corinium was what the Romans called Cirencester, and at one point it was one of the biggest Roman towns. I went to the roman museum where they had superimposed a map of Corinium on top of modern Cirencester. The Romans had brilliant ideas when it came to town planning. I doubt you would ever have gotten lost back then.

7. Cirencester High Street
A lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. I wanted to try cycling from Cheltenham to Cirencester, but it was far too wet and windy for that.

so, there you go. photos! hurrah, and such.

As for Oxford and Cambridge, well. I spent time with a couple from Chicago, pretending we were students in an effort to get into Christ Church for free. Didn't work, but loads of fun. We drank too much in Eagle & Child, which is where JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis used to do exactly the same thing. Went back to the hostel and watched Love, Actually. Three of us ended up bawling and falling asleep on common room sofa. Loved Oxford, am inspired to return to Sydney, get university degree with honours & first then do post grad in Oxford. 
Or go back when it's not raining as much. That might be more feasible.

And next stop?

Scotland, och aye!


LiZ said...

Yay photos!!!

And if your chicagoan friend wants to marry brendon urie, it'll get him off your case!

mum said...

Arghh. Yes i am computer illiterate. second go at putting a cpmment up. doesn't like me. Good to see Sudley Castle change the art works. Different to ones we saw in Sept last. I like the staircase too. seems less than 20 years since I knew my way around Cirencester and that sign meant something. keep enjoying - i'm there in spirit. pics are great.