Saturday, July 19, 2008

by request // takeone

Lizzle keeps reminding me that I took my camera with me for a reason. Blogspot is being mean and not letting me post lots of photos at once, probably a good thing for Hazel's bandwidth. So here are photos from Amsterdam and Luxembourg. 

and the formatting is being stupid, so look at the pictures and then read the bit about it at the end. 

1. Cannabis Starter Kit. 
These are everywhere in Amsterdam. Exactly the same stuff is in each kit, but depending where you are, the price fluctuates between 5 and 10 euros. I was tempted, but you can't even bring Bees into Australia, so it probably wasn't worth the risk. Besides, you have to be stoned in order to think that you'll have the patience to grow the stuff. And then when you do, you'd probably eat it. 

2. Sinking Building, Amsterdam.
I walked past this place a few times without noticing, until I realised the reason I felt strange about a building was because it was lopsided. I think that the council have left it that way because it's a hotspot for photo takers - I kept bumping into stoned Americans who were pointing and laughing at it while trying to take photos. When I took this photo, I was standing in the way of some tourists who were trying not to get hit by a tram. 
(I'm not a very nice person when I've had two hours sleep.)

3. Fluro Man Thong.
There was an mans underwear shop that my grandparents and I kept walking past. This was the coolest one in the window. The gold lame one was kind of tacky. Despite bicycles being allowed everywhere in Amsterdam, they aren't allowed into male lingerie shops.

4. View of Luxembourg from Um Bock
It's like being inside a fairytale. Or a chess game. This is the view of the area I was staying in, the name of which I can't remember how to spell. I was standing at Um Bock (the castle) looking for the bus stop when I took this. My three days in Lux consisted of looking for bus stops and post boxes. The Lux's seem to think that if they congregate around a pole, a bus will appear. Also, the reason people in Lux are slim is because they all live at the bottom of hills, and put things like supermarkets, churches, train stations, shops, museums, castles, etc at the top of hills. Get it? If my family lived in Europe, I bet we would have taken a family argument, sorry, a family holiday to Luxembourg. My dad would have dragged us through the Casemates, my mother would have embarrassed us in the centre square by dancing to the band that only knows three songs, Claudia would have had a tanty at the bottom of a hill, Jeremy a tanty at the top and I would have done my best not to buy the very expensive necklace I saw. 
Seeing as my family weren't there, I did all of the above by myself.

5. View of Luxembourg from Bus Stop
Once I'd walked up the hill/mini mountain to the bus stop, I wanted to record my achievement. The red building in the distance is the hostel. The German Pub is the very very very small pink building on the same line as the hostel. Other buildings are a Hospice and houses. The bridge has been there for ages, and a woman in the pub told me she thinks it might be Roman, although she's not sure. It looks Roman though, doesn't it? 

coming up next: Cotswald photos!

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