Saturday, July 26, 2008

glasgow lies, bleeding in the afternoon

the title of this mornings blog comes from an Idlewild song, "In Competition For The Worst Time". i'll let you draw your own conclusions.

my stomach seems a bit better, erplaced insted by horrid headache. perhaps i should have taken myself to hospital but the prospect of spending friday night surrounded by drunk scots wasnt appealing, so i spent it with two hysterical people from, of all fucking places VEGAS. Sydney and Laine were happy to spend all evening talking about Brandon Flowers 'tache. and playing scrabble. and bitching about glasgow. they left this morning. i have another 24 hours to kill here. looks like i might have to go to the cinema or something.

sean biggerstaff citings: none. bummer.

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Chris Stokes said...

a practical response to good fortune... Hope the head is better!