Wednesday, July 22, 2009

back to school

I meant to spend today taking photos, unearthing my bedroom floor from whatever semi-sentient thing has taken over, working on my Mozart piece and finishing my book.

Instead, I spent the majority of today asleep under a tree using my book as a pillow. Sydney is having its usual winter weather wimp out, in that the weather goes "UGH! So many people in BLACKGREYPLUM clothes. This will not do!" and chucks a spree of 20 degree plus days, which means that nearly everyone strips down to their singlets and short shorts. Then the weather glares at people like me, who are glaring at the weather, because "its winter. I want to be cold and wearing my wool dress, thank you." Today though, I gave up and removed my stockings. The paleness of my legs worries me. It's like looking at two pieces of chalk. I know that I'm not uber uber pale, but I think because alot of people are so violently orange that sometimes my lack of melanin seems odd. It's not.

What was odd, however, was how I managed to eat two punnets of strawberries and still be grumpy. I worked out a reason for this whilst working my way through another punnet of strawberries - it's because Australian strawberries, despite being the size of my head have no flavour unlike their European counterparts. There are also, on average, 9 strawberries the size of my head in one punnet. Which means that I ate roughly twenty seven strawberries today and possibly accounts for the tummy ache I got, and the nap I had to take in order to get rid of the tummy ache. I live such a hard life.

University went back this week, which was a bummer. I'm not taking any English subjects this semester which fills me with dread - what will I complain about without John Donne? Will Shakespeare get a big head without me there to point out his flaws? The reason that I'm not taking any English is that I'm not allowed to. Having completed enough credits last semester, I was expecting to be ushered into 2nd Level English (and hoping for a trumpet fanfare). However, it turns out that I've been moved to UNSW's new Bachelor of Arts, which only started this year. And because the new BA Program came in this year, there are technically no upper level courses available**. My student advisor Michael laughed alot when he told me this.

Michael also declared that I had to declare a Major and Minor. So, I did declare English as a Major and Critical/Cultural Studies as a Minor, mostly because nobody at UNSW seems to know anything about C/CStudies, and I enjoy that sort of thing. Plus it sounds vaguely more useful than bloody Metaphysics. Michael agreed with me on my final point and proceeded to tell me all about his one man war against the philosophy department.

So this semester will see me attempting three subjects, "Media Society & Politics" "Women & Gender" and "Working with Image and Sound". I have to admit I have little or no idea what to expect from any of them. I'm slightly terrified of "Image and Sound", as it involves lots of practical film production stuff - I predict there'll be a whole bunch of 'experimental' films being made which will rival "Paper Soldiers" in frustration and fury. "Women & Gender" will probably involve cliches and granola. "Media Society & Politics" will probably focus alot on the triviality of Australian Media.

Signs point to awesome term. Kissinger nowhere to be seen.

Despite today being Wednesday, I haven't actually had any classes yet. For some mad reason, Gender Studies has put back the classes until next week, which was the reason I was asleep under a tree today when normally I'll be in class. Tomorrow I have my two other lectures, but tutorials don't start till next week. It's a bit iffy. And despite being a slacker and only doing three subjects, I'll be at uni four days a week, a weekly total of 15 hours.

All this entry was really , was a way of longwindedly saying that I have to get up very early tomorrow morning.

**This has also befallen my poor friend Alan, a mad arts/science student. They told him he couldn't take English or Physics this semester. I think he nearly cried, then decided to take Linguistics and Electrical Studies. I think he may be building a Frankenstein Monster. Or a TARDIS.


lizzle said...

*votes for tardis*

Also, you can join the war against the philosophy, and then it'll be a one-man, one-girl war!

wheeze said...

i was just about to comment on how wonderful it was that your blog gave me a real word to use for the verification.


but ... i think i got a little too excited that i clicked on the word and then it changed it "ungsre"

apparently i can't escape the gibberish.

"Will Shakespeare get a big head without me there to point out his flaws?"

^ quote of the day.


Eloise said...

the next word verification was "crippin"