Thursday, May 29, 2008

a moment of contrast

the new Sigur Ros song, "Gobbledigook" is best played loud. it's simply beautiful. it's a community in song, its promises and sunrises. it's a moment of perfection. it's warm cups of tea and chewy chocolate biscuits. it's goofy smiles and those mad moments where you forget how old you are supposed to be and start behaving how old you feel (five.) it's days when the winter chill gets a little too deep and sends you back to bed with your old teddy bear. it's going down to the woods. i mentioned how brilliant it was, right?


both my arms are still sore from needles that i had on monday. my right shoulder and neck are aching from a bad dream. i burnt my tongue on my morning coffee. i have nine days before i go away and no visa. don't remind me. today is not a fantastic day. i tried to read my book and got a papercut. i decided to curl up in my hoodie and be emo, but couldn't find the fucking thing. then i realised that being emo would mean id have to listen to fucking joy division or fall out boy, and im not in the mood for that. the only thing good about today is a song that i discovered yesterday. today is not a fantastic day. i think i better try again tomorrow.

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