Thursday, February 4, 2010


burnt my toast this morning, set off the smoke alarm, which is too high for me to reach. don't tell anyone that i clambered on top of the piano to turn it off.
have decided to stick to bananas for breakfast.


have planned a very busy schedule for the next few days in order to get my brain to work again. this lazy summer holiday nonsense is turning me into pudding.

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Amanda Atkins said...

Hi Madeleine!

I understand completely. I have been feeling really out of it lately. I think I might even have ADD (I have a hard time focusing as it is, but lately things have been worse than ever).

1) My parents picked me up from my apartment because the next day, my mom and I were driving up to NH to deliver my pieces for a show up there. We were almost home (45 minutes from my apartment) when I realized I had left two of my pieces behind, sitting on my desk. So the next day we had to go all the way back to Boston before heading to NH!

2)My mom brought me back to my apartment a couple of days later. I ran in really quick because she was driving my straight to my job. I was going bowling after work with co-workers. When I later left work to head for bowling, I realized my wallet was gone. My mom had to come in, drive me to my apartment, and there my wallet was, laying on the bed. I had taken it out of my purse (for no reason!) in my haste that morning. She then drove me to bowling.

I feel like I am going insane! But what I have learned from all of this (and already knew) is that my mom is a wonderful mom!

But I also need to get my brain back on track!!!!!! How!?

Have you been reading the books on your list? What books have you read so far?