Friday, January 1, 2010

half awake

Greetings 2010. I hear you bring much goodness - an expedition or two, a decorating project, a new Doctor Who, an Editors tour, many good albums, a Marcel Proust project, 2nd year university courses, continued employment,the demise of hotpants. Despite making the last one up (someone has to start the trends), 2010 looks like it will be better than 2009. Mostly because we are now out of the dreaded"noughties" and into the "twenty-tens", which sounds more grow up, and should encourage maturity.

Maturity. That's a dastardly word that should only be applied to wine and cheese. It's certainly not a word applicable to most of the people I know (in a good way), or the people I've had the misfortune to meet since I began working (in a bad way). I think it's the sales. Especially Boxing Day. It's like the Battle of Hastings, except with make-up and dvds. People revert to their most primal, grunting and chucking their credit cards at the poor sod behind the register - because they know we have no souls. We are soulless spineless people, deserving only of abuse, scorn and disdain.

No, I'm serious. Boxing Day saw me having to show my work tag to the police barricading my workplace, having my bottom pinched in the crowd, numerous insults about my height from people I'd never met, idiotic questions galore:

Customer: Do you have the Fantastic Mr Fox?
Me: um, it only came out today
Customer: Yes, so can you tell me where it is?
Me: in the Cinemas.

It would be nice and twee to say that the small girls who come to the counter clutching Madagascar make up for all this, but they don't. I am not good with kids, and kids are not good with me.

Still, there are worse jobs.

So, Welcome 2010. I meant to give you a proper greeting, but I veered off. I hope this is a good year. I hope bad shit doesn't go down. I hope all the resolutions work. I hope we don't sink because of climate change. I hope BRMCs new album is good. I hope they stop Twilight.

I also hope this is a year where I can 'reclaim' the words impact, decimate and however.


We saw Avatar today. I got in trouble for my over-thinking of the films portrayals of Indigenous people AND Americans. I can't help it. I'm a critical thinker - someone has to be.
James Cameron shouldn't be allowed to write dialog.


Amanda Atkins said...

Hi Madeleine! Happy new year! Thanks for the rhyme on my blog. :) (by the way I have to do your portrait still, I didn't want you to think I forgot! too many projects, too little time). What expeditions and redecorating will be occurring in 2010?

Anonymous said...

Ha. Your entries amuse me...although you are missed on Xanga, Wear Your Skirt Like A Flag totally makes up for it ;).