Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If you were me, and you had a choice between two subjects - one being "Creative Writing" and the other being "Slavery & Freedom: US History 1750-1890", which would you pick???

I'm sort of nervous about creative writing, but I'm not sure I could handle doing three history subjects (the other two subjects i'm enrolled in are History of Sexuality and History Of Europe: Revolutions). So any and all advice is welcome. (Please don't remind me that I'm supposed to be doing 4 subjects)

I have a long rant about public transport and the evils of teenage girls, but I have the Venusian Death Cold, as well as 40 hours of rostered work this week. If I have to hear the Glee soundtrack one more time, I may expire. In a fiery ball of fire.

Also, how the hell did it get to be the fifteenth of December??

**Having just tried to enroll, I was told that I haven't met the requirements to do Europe or Creative Writing. If I have to do any more Level 1 courses, I will seriously consider giving up and joining the circus. Honestly, UNSW, I have three Level 1 English HDs.


Anonymous said...

There is no-one more qualified to do Creative Writing than you. Go and talk to the boneheads in person and then show them some of your blogs.

lizzle said...

Ask them if they offer a course you are qualified for in circus performing, and then ask how many hoops they'll teach you to jump through.

Are you going to talk to someone about your subjects and shout til they let you pick good ones?

About the date? I know! I have part of my shopping done, but way more to do, and I need to post stuff and am concerned it wont arrive in time, etc =(

Rachel said...

She works hard for her money uh-huh uh-huh hard for her money . . .
so many hours in which I can come past and heckle you!

BTW - doing anything other than 'Creative Writing' sounds like slavery. In fact i would rather be shackled in Martin Place and have fruit salad thrown at me than do that course!