Monday, August 17, 2009

predictable post

yes well. i am peeking out from under piles of notes about the French in New France (why were they so unimaginative when it came to naming new places back then?), Ancient Greek sex practices (wowee. vases. lots of pictures of erotic vases) and a bunch of stuff about ethics, fouccault and SBS to mention that perhaps i am a little edgy. everything is due in the next five minutes (ha. ha.) and as usual, i am left wondering if perhaps my academic techniques are rubbish. and i am edgy.

i think that was common knowledge anyway.

although, i have given up drinking coffee, and it feels rather good to wake up in the morning and not have this urge to lurch towards our goliath coffee machine, which makes noises like a distressed robot cow. however, several people have commented on the fact that the noncoffee drinking is making me do very strange things, like play cello for four hours straight and cry over trills.

at least i haven't been back in my doona cover.


Amanda Atkins said...

wow, is it keeping it out of your duvet cover?! that would be awesome. there's nothing wrong with playing cello for four hours, anyway.

I hope all your work goes well!

wheeze said...

wowee. vases. lots of pictures of erotic vases

and you wonder why i studied ancient history.

okay kidding.
but really... i am addicted to coffee now.
and it's all because of you.
and those cockerspaniels.
and mofo tinsel.

keep your head up, chookie.

lizzle said...

maddie? where are you?