Thursday, June 18, 2009

rotten apples

i've got these two drafted pieces that i was going to post tomorrow, but Apple has made me all upset, so it's ranting time.

i just don't understand how Apple has managed to confuse the concept of "streamlined" for "completely devoid of any help whatsoever"

my ipod is pretty much permanently attached to my ears. i consider this an act of social altruism; if i can't hear what people are saying then i'm much less likely to get irate. i'll be quiet and they can keep talking rubbish and everyone will be a lot happier. so when i can't have that luxury of listening to say, Maximo Park's rather intelligent music and instead have to hear about what a slut Linda is (poor Linda) i tend to get crabby.

yes, i get that the more you use something, the more likely it is to go kaputski on you. but surely Apple should have a better policy than "oops. buy a new one?" because for me, buying a new one isn't a feasible option. i haven't got $339 to pay for a new one. i don't want to pay that much for something that, going on past experience, is only going to last a year. i've paid less for shoes that have lasted three years. this ipod has been through some heavy stuff, i know. it's been on glacier in Iceland. it was subjected to much playing of The Smiths during the Belgian Experience. Spike once snuffled it.

i thought this ipod (my third in 5 years) might be the one to go the distance. it's a year and a half now. it was doing so well. i was proud of it. until tonight when it suddenly went "i dun wanna" and the buttons stopped working. just stopped.

so i've trolled the internet, and very helpfully the Apple discussion board is down. presumably because Apple is embarrassed by everyone going "WHAT? WHAT? I WAS PROMISED PERFECTION IN STREAMLINED FORM!" and so on. i've noticed that there is growing discontent with Apple.

i probably could have left this post until the morning, when i've had some sleep and some perspective thanks to the morning newspaper, but the problem is that i can't sleep when i'm angry, and i can't help being angry when i'm furious and i can't help being furious when i'm frustrated at technology.

maybe i should just hire someone to sing all my favourite songs. and live in my bag.

and what's even more frustrating?

i have nothing to read. nothing. nothing to read, and nothing i want to read. please don't give me anything more by obama or angela carter or toni morrison or amy tan. i'll be violent at you if you do.

i guess the only thing to do now is lie upside down until something interesting happens.

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lizzle said...

I have more of a problem with iTunes than Ipoos, but an even bigger problem with Chris and his stompy feet killing my original mp3 player =(